Welcome to Fun1schat

XMPP server and just a place to chill out and discuss your problems and dreams in life.
Also offering free chatrooms to anyone who wants one.


Connecting to the chat

There are multiple ways to connect to our chat server.
Using our webclient

You can connect to our chat server using our HTML5 web-client which works on most recent webbrowsers and doesn't require you to install anything.

Using Pidgin, Gajim or another desktop client
You can also use a desktop client to connect to our chat server. Using a desktop client allows you to recieve messages without having to keep your browser running all the time and adds the ability to create channels, change your profile and many more usefull things.

While all desktop clients are different in one way or another, here is a list of the information you will generally need to connect to our chat server:

Server: fun1schat.com
Username: John.Doe@fun1schat.com
Password: IReallyLoveJane
Make sure to replace the inverted parts with what you chose when registering your chat account.